TWAs unique blend of experience, local knowledge, technology and ethical business practices allows both public and private sector clients to securely hand off their supply chain and logistics needs in order to focus on their own core competences. We offer holistic, end-to-end solutions for a variety of industries and sectors. We employ a comprehensive Spare Parts Supply Management system to support any land forces requirements by providing professional logistic solutions that meet our customers’ operational requirements. We have a highly motivated team of professionals comprising engineers, logisticians, supply chain managers, product and brand executives, quality control and IT specialists.

We have the ability to bring together various OEMs, Integrators and MROs to provide customised projects for our customers with tailored solutions to effectively execute, manage and finalize projects on behalf of our clients.

Supply Chain Management is synonymous with TWA. It is our mission to ensure that the assets of our customers are always in operational condition with minimum downtime through our in-house forecasting algorithms and optimization efforts. Our suppliers also benefit from our customer relationships by manufacturing and supplying products on time, according to yearly schedules, resulting in minimum investment in stocks throughout the supply chain.
TWA specializes in the acquisition of excess OEM inventories. We conduct a thorough evaluation of the inventory and effectively market any valuable components. We have successfully dispositioned OEM consignment inventories resulting in win-win scenarios for both OEM and TWA customers.

Through our established OEM relationships and various strategic purchases, we have built and acquired a valuable inventory that allows us to supply parts on a just-in-time basis including obsolete components in order to meet critical needs.

TWA is a leading supplier of all grades of raw materials, hardware and consumables, from the world’s major manufacturers.
Aged vehicles are usually taken out of service when they reach a certain age, or support, in terms of parts and components supply and overhaul, are shut down or minimised. This becomes a problem for customers and operators who want to retain these vehicles in service.

TWA aims for effective obsolescence management so that obsolescence issues can be resolved at a lower level of cost and time than the redesign of a component by focusing on the mitigation of risk. We ensure the effective operation of platforms over their life expectancies and reduce overall life cycle costs.

We manage our extensive network of suppliers and OEMs to support aged vehicles, while also managing obsolete inventories and procurement of parts and services to our worldwide client base. Our planned obsolescence management system is cost effective for our clients and provides them with the continuity of aircraft operations and uninterrupted service.
TWA has long recognized the need to provide customers with superior aftermarket support. We offer:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Warranty cover
  • Reliability
  • Competitive price
  • Exchange option

  • Our networks of service, repair and overhaul centres, staffed with highly qualified and trained technicians, delivers testing, repair and overhaul capability for an extensive range of products. As new products are introduced in the market by the OEMs, our capabilities are updated to provide continuous support. All equipment test, repair and overhaul is conducted in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications from western or eastern origin technology.
    TWA is a distributor of spare parts and accessories for military wheeled and tracked vehicles. We support all vehicle systems from mechanical parts and components to armour protection.

    Our extensive inventories include parts for light, medium and heavy-duty class trucks, armoured personnel carriers and battle tanks.

    We offer a full line of vehicle accessories, such as

  • trailers and trailer parts
  • hydraulic winch systems
  • LED lights
  • armour kits
  • hardtop shelters
  • wireless intercom systems
  • dynamometers
  • door assists
  • fire suppression systems
  • plus other equipment relating to vehicle mounts or installations

  • We operate multiple logistics support facilities worldwide, to distribute parts and components to our international customers in the shortest time.
    TWA maintains a long-term value retention strategy with our customers by providing a wide variety of customised logistics solutions including warehousing, kitting and assembling.
    Supply Chain Management Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Management
    Obsolescence Management Customised Logistics Solutions
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