What We Do

Equipment and Parts Supply

We support our customers by providing equipment, parts and spares at the most competitive rates and least possible lead times. We undertake periodic review of our supply sources for performance, adherence to regulations and procedures. Quality controls established at Transworld ensures provision of genuine parts only.

In addition to sourcing of parts from different OEMs/vendors, Transworld also holds a large inventory of parts in its warehouse at UAE. All parts are stored as per standard international practices for parts storage. Inventory levels and status is monitored via ERP system and packaging is done according to IATA regulations.

Repairs and Overhauls

Whether complete platform, engine or individual components, Transworld manages repairs and overhauls through its network of approved MROs. MRO services includes inspections, major repair, replacements and service bulletins compliance.

Where considered expedient, Transworld also offers the option of overhaul exchange parts to its customers.

Upgrades and Modernizations

Through our network of experienced MROs and engineering companies, we provide the services for upgrade and modernization of customers platforms and equipment. Examples include upgrades to glass cockpit configuration related to avionics, communications, navigation, surveillance, Medevac systems, etc.

Special Projects Through Turnkey Solutions